Sunday, February 8, 2009

New semester....

A new semester has just started for 1 week and I'm already so sick it. This semester sucks so badly that I don't feel like going to class at all. Most of my classes are in the evening and sometimes I have class until 10pm. haizzz... Don't know whose stupid idea to make student to attend classes at night. Don't they know that we are already damn exhausted after having classes during the day. Stupid management. Don't know why,this semester I just cant concentrate in class. I dont listen in class. Not even a little bit. Maybe it's because of the time of the classes, or maybe the venue or the lecturer or the subject. I guess I'm just giving excuses so that I don't feel so guilty for dreaming and not listening in class. I'm just lazy. Tomorrow onwards life gonna be real busy. Attending labs and writing lab report. Aikkss.. Hopefully i can get used to studying life again and be a little more attentive in class..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Had abandon this blog for quite a while. I was so busy with I also dont know what. So i'll do a little update about what i have done during last 2 weeks. I finished my finals and i'm now praying that i'd pass that 2 bloody papers. I did so badly that i think i might flunk. Came back to Klang after my finals. Went out with friend on for dinner. Didnt see them for so long d. Then i spent almost everyday doing nothing. But i did help my mum do some spring cleaning. Aikkss.. so troublesome.. til now also havent finish cleaning my room.. went out with my 2 shopping kaki last friday. At first I didnt plan to buy anything but I end up buying lotsa things. A very big thank you to tay and kim for buying me a wallet. Now have to go help my mum again.. sien.. Chinese new year is just a few days away.. so i wish everyone a happy and prosperous chinese new year.. gong xi fa cai.. huat ar...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

The first day of year 2009 is just great. I'm so happy and touched. Thank you to all of u who wished me through smses, phone calls, and msn. Really appreciate it. Feel so happy that you guys remember my birthday. Then thank you to you people who give me presents. I really like what you all got me. And a very big thanks to you two people who made my day so special. Thank you so much for going through so much trouble just to give a surprise celebration. You two really made my day and this is indeed one of the most special birthday that I've ever had. Thanks for everything.
This is the last year in my teens. Really need to enjoy it to the fullest. I'm now one year older and one year wiser. haha.. so tired now.. really need to get myself some good rest. Happy New Year to all of you. May you all have a great year 2009.

Friday, December 26, 2008

byebye N73

Byebye N73... Hello C902... haha.. got myself a new phone.. hehe.. kinda happy and a bit of sad. My N73 got lots of problems so I'm forced to change it. Goodbye N73, I'm gonna miss you even though you gave me lots of problems but you were with me for the past one and a half year. Now I have to start exploring my C902. hehe..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone. But it's a terrible day for me. haizzzz.. My slippers rosak in the campus last night. This is the 2nd time d.. haizzz.. Luckily my fren got car, so i dont have to walk home bare-footed. Yesterday I was in campus from 10am to 10pm.. aikss.. rushing for assignment due date. And today i fell sick d.. sien.. sick on christmas eve. Besides that, my handphone rosak d.. haiz... so sueh.. everything also spoil. sien.. Spoil my christmas mood. Have to start rushing for assignment again. So many things to do yet I'm so lazy. haizz... sien.. rosak my holiday mood..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Boring day... sien...

Today is such a boring boring boring day. Woke up early in the morning to wash clothes. After that went out fot breakfast and go to the library to do the assignment. Shit man. What i draw at home last night was wrong. So, terpaksa do again in the library. After finishing the 1st question , I got no idea on how to do the other questions. Wanted to see the lecturer but too bad he got class. So end up going to MP and DP. Did some window shopping. Want to buy a new purse and pencil case but didnt see anything that i like. Aikkss.. How I wish I'm in Klang now. At least I can go out wit my best friends and go shopping. Surely can get something for myself. What to do la.. Melaka-- bandar bersejarah, I'm not old people. So cant get what i want lo.

Today someone say i look like I'm in early 20s. sobs.. Sad man. I'm still in sweet 18 le.. After that he change his statement, saying that I'm naive. Look old outside but my mind is young. haiz... Old already. Turning 19 soon. But I dont want to grow old. Wish i could stop the time so that i'll be forever 18. It sounds so much nice to say SWEET EIGHTEEN when people ask about my age. But sweet eighteen will only last for another few more days. Then I have to say byebye to it d. sobs..

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It has been a really tiring and busy week for me. Rushing for assignment's due date, study for quiz. Haizzz.. So exhausted. Many things happened during these few days. Last saturday my cousin and her bf came down to Melaka and asked me out for lunch. Went to town to have nyonya food. There's only 3 of us but they ordered 4 dishes and a soup. My stomach nearly exploded. It was my first time seeing her bf. He is quite a nice guy. Very friendly and also funny. After lunch I wanted to go to starbucks, manatau suddenly it rained. aikss.. Hilang 1 free starbucks. At night went out with a friend and he treated me dinner. Haha.. Didnt use a single cent that day. On Sunday i went out again. Went to MP because someone wanted to change hp. Ask me to teman. That someone got a new hp. Make me feel like changing hp also. My current hp give me lots of problem. sien.. Too bad i dont have money, so cannot change. After that i was so busy with my assignment. Haiz.. No talent in drawing. Wasted so much time and a lot of papers in order to complete the assignment. This morning had my quiz 2 and i'm proud to say that this is my first time getting zero. Cant do at all. Dont know it's because i didnt prepare myself well or lady luck is juz not wit me today. Attended graphics tutorial and it's the last time to see the lengzai lecturer. Next week another lecturer will take over. And somehow he looks like kong wu dai lou(江湖大佬) to me. Hopefully he will be good in teaching la. Finals is around the corner and i havent start studying at all. Still can watch anime and drama everyday. In holiday mood. aikkss.. hopefully i dont fail this semester, if not i'll be in serious trouble. Good luck to myself ba.. Oh ya, someone say that I am good in creating story and i should be a novelist. haha.. So pandang tinggi at me. My english sux to the max la. then a friend say I should give counselling. Though i'm bad in giving advice, I do cheer people up. haha..